Welcome to Fear of Winning Badminton

Fix the fear of winning:

Overcoming the fear of winning is not necessarily easy and I will return at length on various strategies to implement to overcome this stage in a future article but quickly we can try to implement some strategies from the identified sources of the fear of winning:

As for the tension related to the issue of the point, we must be able to relativize. The point you need to play now is the same as you already played at 0/0 yet at 0 – 0 you were relaxed and serene and now you are getting upset … so think about blowing and playing just keep doing what you Until now (a priori if you are in front of it had to walk … A strategy proposed by Manuel Dubrulle is also to play mini sets of 2 points.Every time concentrate to win this mini set of 2 pts and so you free from the global challenge by nibbling the few points you miss you should be able to win the game.

Regarding the psychological drift: this time you will agree with me that you have somehow sought … a technique to overcome this evil is to play as a routine to force you to return to the games, usually you will tend to concentrate on your routine and your tactical scheme and not on the rest that you will be able to enjoy once you have actually won this game. Also think about blowing between the points and focusing on each point individually.

And finally, when it comes to nervousness over bad strategic or tactical choices, try other things, once again if the fear of winning takes you, it’s that you’re in the lead so pick up on what you’ve done since the beginning, play simply, as you have done so far. If the strategy you tried to put in place does not work, change it and keep in mind that for the moment you have a bit of a lead that allows you to manage calmly. You also have the opportunity in these moments to take 2/3 pts to focus on your feelings and thus eliminate these anxieties related to tactical and strategic choices.

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The fear of winning, as we have just seen, can have devastating effects on your game, but it often appears when you give it space to express itself. Keeping in mind that being afraid on entering the field is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s all about channeling it and using that fear, to channel your energy and give your best.

Fear and stress give access to interesting energy. But provided you are channeled. Channeled, it is a fuel and a source of motivation, not channeled it goes in all directions

Always think to put a little stake in playing your matches including training, which will allow you to learn how to manage the stress of the competition and therefore have better control later this fear of winning.

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