Badminton Fear

Fear of winning is defined in the “literature” as follows: Access to excitement or tension psychological in which a player , a team in position to win guilty suddenly of errorsat the point of delaying his victory , even ultimately provoke defeat .

Sometimes we also talk about the small arm syndrome. In fact, this actually corresponds to the moment when you are on the ground dominating your opponent (eg 17 – 9 in the 2nd set having won the first) and suddenly you start to play anyhow; to make gross mistakes, huge mistakes and to annoy you.

This “syndrome” is quite common among athletes and even more important in racket sports that have a strong psychological involvement (tennis, squash, table tennis and of course badminton).

In reality, this phase is explained because the player is leaving the present moment and focuses on something other than the point he is playing. This is often the moment when we begin to thwart. We are worried about the consequences on his ranking, we are looking into the post-match, in the match after, so that we start to make mistakes, implement the wrong tactics and worse to get excited of that.

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We can identify mainly 3 causes to this fear of winning:

  • A tension related to the issue of the point
  • A psychological drift of the player who anticipates the victory and its consequences (impact on the classification, on the continuation of the competition, on the spectators who watch it … etc.) And in this case the player leaves his match.
  • Bad strategic and tactical choices (hence gross errors and therefore nervousness)

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